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ISO9001 certificate in china injection mold manufacturer

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 About us

Exceed Mold is professional in plastic injection mould making, injection molding, rapid prototype making in china mould maker. Exceed Mold was found in 1997 and located in Shenzhen City, with an area of 5000square meters, more than 100 employees. We have provided quality and service to a wide range of business: automotive, home appliances, medical equipments, electronics and sporting equipments, as well as general industrial OEM applications.

Exceed Mold mission is to be professional, trustworthy and creative. We always keep Layout at the top, push modernized management system in china mold maker. Go in for zero default. Make sure quality and techniques in the highest way. Therefore, We dedicate to explore the new field and make innovation and progress continually to be a professional china toolmaker. keep developing on the present basis in order enhance our level of mould designing and mould manufacturing, and providing medium price high quality mould in plastic injection mold company china.

With our innovative, dedicated and experienced team we can provide the high quality plastic injection mold, injection molding products , rapid prototype mold and professional solutions you want from your China mould maker.

In Exceed Mold, your project will be implemented through an efficient project management process for quotation, designing, manufacturing, testing, improving and shipment in plastic mould manufacturer china. The professional project management can ensure the good quality, short lead time and low cost, We cordially welcome customers from all over the world.

Plastic Products and Plastic Moulds

Auto-001   Auto-002   Auto-004
Mold A-005   Mold A-006   Mold A-011


Mold CAD/CAM/CAE, Shorten lead time, Improve molding efficiency(DFM,Mold Flow.....)

Mold test and short run production in our injection molding company(Professional plastic injection mould test according to the international requirements and standards)

Project management, tracking mould manufacturing schedule and timely report to the customer on any issues and progress of the project he is handling, guarantees that customer's technical requirement is followed, Anything communicated in a timely and clear way with PDCA.

After sales service, track and make a survey of plastic injection mold performance, provide technique support in anytime. (we never stop making progress and try to be your best China mold maker and mold making supplier in china)

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